at the Chelsea Health Club

Pool, Sauna and Steam

The Chelsea Health Club & Spa offers one of the best swimming pools in a private health club in London.

The 25m long and 10m wide, ozone-treated pool is maintained at a constant temperature of 29°c. Quite simply, this is the cleanest pool in all of London.

Whether you want to do gentle lengths, or want to incorporate swimming as part of your training programme, this is the ideal pool for you. Next to the pool area you will find a relaxing hot tub Jacuzzi with comfortable loungers.

We provide all the floats and swim aides required to support your swimming training. The club also provides Swim Fit, which is a coached swim training class and training cards that you can also use when training alone. The pool also plays host to aquacise classes and there are swimming instructors on site to teach you to swim, improve your stroke technique or simply to provide you with a really good work-out.

In both changing rooms there is a steam room, sauna and cold plunge pool. The sauna and steam room provide you with relaxation options depending on whether you prefer wet or dry heat and are a great way to relax as well as being ideal for slowly warming your muscles after a work-out. If feeling brave, the cold plunge provides a quick cool down after your sauna and steam session.

Introducing SWIMTAG

Concentrate on what really matters with SWIMTAG technology.

SWIMTAG is a unique training tool that counts and collects data from swimmers in the 25m pool, via a wristband system.

The data is collected for analytical purposes and records: distance covered, laps accumulated, calories burnt, stroke efficacy, pace of stroke and rest percentage.

Why use SWIMTAG?
Not just a lap counter; SWIMTAG is a motivational tool, encouraging you to reach your goals. With each use, you have the ability to view accurate data online, allowing you to tweak your technique and work on any weaknesses in your stroke.

How to get involved
Simply speak to reception or a member of the fitness team for a detailed introduction on how to make the most of SWIMTAG’s unique technology.

For more information on SWIMTAG please speak to a member of reception.