Your Fitness Journey

The Chelsea Health Club & Spa invests more time and effort, than any other club, into ensuring that you get results. Your fitness journey has been specifically designed to ensure that you get more 1-2-1 sessions with the fitness team, which is all part of your membership price. When you join the club you can be sure that you will be well looked after.

The first 12 months of your fitness journey at The Chelsea Health Club & Spa, includes seven 1-2-1 sessions with one of the fitness team, including a Personal Training session. Regular retests on the Boditrax system and programme reviews, will be provided to ensure that you achieve your potential and achieve your fitness goals.

You get to choose the activity monitoring system that best suits your lifestyle and the fitness team will set up your tailor made programme that can be tracked by your chosen monitoring system. You will be sent invites to attend workshops and you will be able to attend taster classes to try out new group exercise classes that you haven’t tried before.

When you join you will receive a complimentary Personal Training voucher that you can use to have a one hour Personal Training session with any of the club’s Personal Trainer’s. This is an opportunity to find out how much more you can achieve through an even more specific training programme with a highly skilled fitness specialist. The Personal Trainer’s have many different specialist skills in a variety of training techniques and will give you the additional expert advice & guidance that you need to not only achieve your initial goals, but to stretch them even further. Personal Trainers are also ideal to use when you are looking to achieve quick results.


Myzone is the only accurate monitoring device that wirelessly streams real time data and uploads exercise data stored in a physical activity chest belt. It measures calories, heart rate and effort using Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), designed to reward effort rather than fitness. Most importantly, Myzone is specifically designed to maximise your potential.

The Myzone belts can be used in and outside of the gym, where they will record all of your activity results. Each time you then come in to the gym with your belt on, the data will be automatically uploaded onto your account.

The fitness team will set up personal challenges on the Myzone system to incentivise you to increase your activity levels in achieving your MEPs targets. There will also be challenges whereby you can compete against other members, with prizes for the winners.

When training in the gym with your Myzone belt on, you will be able to see your heart rate training zone on the Myzone screens. The Technogym cardio machines will also display your heart rate. In the Pursuit Studio the instructors will be including heart rate training in their classes, so that they can ensure that you are training in the right heart rate zones to get the maximum benefit from the class.

Myzone belts are provided for all new members that pay a joining fee, as part of their joining package.

For more information, visit the MYZONE website