High Intensity Classes

321 Fitness Challenge

This class has 3 components – cardio fat blasting, strength and conditioning using small weights and body weight resistance, followed by core stability. This class will boost your CV fitness, and strengthen and tone your body.

Active Body Shred

This class is a low-weight high-repetition activity that is aimed at burning calories and defining muscles. It has a 10 minute high intensity cardio section, followed by 30 minutes of legs, arms, abs and back to ensure you achieve a whole body workout. Good music, loads of atmosphere and RESULTS!

Boot Camp

A military-style class for strength and conditioning. The instructor pushes you to move onto the next exercise with very little rest in a circuit fashion.

Boxing Training

Learn the skills, the moves, the focus and the flexibility of boxing to assist weight loss, muscle tone and overall fitness.


A Brazilian art form which combines dance, rhythm with self-defence and movement. Aimed at enhancing your body’s natural balance and control, whilst improving flexibility and coordination.


Taking High Intensity (HIIT) is a specifically formatted class of 20 second bursts of different ultra-intense exercises, repeated one after the other, with only 10 second rests in between, working aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Not for the fainthearted…an extreme class for Intermediate to Advanced.

Dance Fitness

Enjoy easy to follow routines paired with uplifting music that create the perfect atmosphere to work with a range of different dance styles. Whether you are an avid gym user or you are just starting, Dance Fitness will help to gently build and tone your figure.

Elite Cycling / Treadmill

Designed to optimise your performance with two separate classes – Elite Cycling to build endurance power and Elite Treadmill to challenge with sprint intervals at level 10 or above.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) increases your capacity for high-intensity exercise, offers a longer “after burn” (burn more calories AFTER your workout is finished), helps maintain muscle mass while still burning calories and enhances performance in sports and athletic activity.

Indoor Cycling

A great cardiovascular workout, find your groove and pedal through hill climbs, sprints and many other challenging drills. Ride to uplifting music and sweat it all out with this inspiring indoor cycling ride!

Interval Cycling

Get your heart rate elevated with this intense calorie-burning class. A sure way to stay in shape and keep your heart healthy as you ride on the heels of your instructor through flat terrain and bursting up mountain peaks.

Power Aqua

Power Aqua classes sculpt and condition different areas of the body with less impact on the joints, as you work against the waters resistance instead of gravity. Class offerings:

1  Aqua Inferno – a total body workout developing muscular endurance, aerobic fitness, core strength and balance set to a soundtrack of classic disco hits!

2 Aqua Blast – a tougher, faster-paced class set to a soundtrack of classic club hits with one thing in mind, calorie burning!

3 Aqua Bootcamp – a challenging workout with a competitive edge including timed exercises, races and drills, all set to a soundtrack designed to motivate!

Please speak to a member of reception for details on where specific classes appear in the studio timetable.


Rebounding is a full body workout, but low impact and de-toxifying form of exercise. Rebounding is jumping on a specialised, mini trampoline, aimed at aerobic and core fitness, improving the body’s natural ability to heal itself, helping burn calories and improve circulation.

Strength and Cycle

The class consists of fun, powerful and effective exercises to help blast and build whole body strength. Following this is hard cycling through various intervals to develop your speed and ultimate cycling power. A great all-rounder.


Developed in London, the Swimsanity workout utilises inter-changeable drills, which gives participants an effective, mixed ability, aqua-exercise experience every time.

Table Tennis

Allocated studio space is open daily between specific hours, allowing for free play table tennis, without interruption. This is not a class.