Studio Classes

Booty Barre

Combines the toning benefits of yoga Pilates and dance to strengthen and stretch your body and get your heart pumping.

Body Toning

Sculpt and tone your body with a combination of both aerobic exercise and weights. By using low weights but high reps you ensure that you get great definition without bulking up your muscles.

Boot Camp

A Military-style class for strength and conditioning. The instructor pushes you to move onto the next exercise without very little rest in a circuit fashion. You’re ensured to get a great cardio workout while doing these conditioning exercises.

Core Stretch

Moving a through full range of motion to stretch and lengthen the body to prevent injuries while focusing core strength.


Get your heart rate elevated with this intense 45 minute calorie-burning class. A sure way to stay in shape and keep your heart healthy as you ride on the heels of your instructor through flat terrain and bursting up mountain peaks.


High energy Latin and international beats. Fun for all levels including beginners to get the heart pumping and leaving you energised. So forget the work out and join the party!


Taking High Intensity (HIIT) exercise to new heights!  A specifically formatted class of 20 second bursts of different ultra-intense exercises, repeated one after the other, with only 10 second rests in between, working Aerobic and Anaerobic fitness. Not for the fainthearted…an extreme class for Intermediate to Advanced.


BODYPUMP™, the original LES MILLS™ barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast! BODYPUMP™ is one of the world’s fastest ways to get in shape as it challenges all of your major muscle groups while you squat, press, lift and curl.


The OMNIA class offers an innovative small group training programme focusing of functional fitness. These programmes are designed to improve all aspects from strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, coordination and speed – and satisfies the widest range of user needs, abilities, and aspirations.

Aqua Cardio

Get out of the gym and into the pool! This class sculpts and conditions all different areas of the body with less impact on the joints because you’re working against the water’s resistance instead of gravity

Hatha Yoga

This slower paced and gentle form of yoga is great for beginners and will help you to build your flexibility over time while focusing on your breath.

Ashtanga Yoga

This intense style of yoga guides you through a set series of poses. This flow through the poses ensures you will have a challenging workout to strengthen your body and increase your flexibility.

Iyengar Yoga

A form of Hatha yoga designed to put an emphasis on detail. Precision and alignment are key, focusing on posture and breath control to build stability, mobility and strength.

Zero Gravity Yoga

We are proud to be the first Health Club in the UK to use the yoga swing system to incorporate the benefits of yoga with inversion therapy.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a dynamic and challenging practice that will improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Power Yoga is so much more than a just a physical workout that will leave you feeling rewarded.

Mat Pilates

Pilates is aimed at helping to strengthen and tone your body all in a low-impact manner. Emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, whilst improving coordination and balance.

Pilates Reformer

Small group sessions that are tailored to you, with varied degrees of intensity and resistance. This provides an unique and highly effective way to develop core stability and peripheral mobility.

Dynamic Yoga

More vigorous than Hatha and is based on a series of poses called Sun Salutations where your breath is synchronized to your movements.

DeRose Method

The DeRose Method is a completely unique approach to body, mind and lifestyle improvement. Focusing on increasing strength and flexibility.

Boxing Yoga

The fusion of Boxing techniques, combined with the Ashtanga Yoga philosophy. This class will creates a challenging discipline pushing your mental and physical strength, whilst improving your flexibility & control. An entire body workout, merging classic Yoga postures with innovative boxing-inspired exercises.


Torq-King is a revolutionary new floor-based full-body functional fitness workout for all levels.

Torq-King’s patented omni-wheel system allows you to perform bodyweight exercises with a 360° range of motion and a constant focus on core strength, stability and flexiblity.

This class is fun creative and most importantly effective you will feel the benefits of this class immediately!

This class is currently exclusive to the Chelsea Health Club & Spa

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