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We are pleased to announce that Adam Walker, a record-breaking Ocean swimmer, will be providing 1-1 and group coaching sessions at the Chelsea Health Club & Spa. Adam is not only one of the best open water swimmers in the world but his unique coaching has transformed all levels of pool and open water swimmers over his 15 years of coaching. His unique swimming stoke, which he brings to the club, improves efficiency and speed as well as reducing injury, and has helped him to break various records .

Ocean swimming is known as one of the toughest sports on the planet due to the dangers of marine life, freezing cold temperatures and huge swells.

Adam  says “It tests you physically and mentally to the limit and then demands much more! You have to be as efficient as possible when your doing 70,000 strokes.”

For more information on the courses and training that Adam offers, call him on  07956 404584 or email oceanwalkeruk@gmail.com

Adam’s Background

2008 -  Adam swam the English Channel in 11 hours 35 mins and went on a quest to swim the hardest 7 oceans in the world.

2010 –Was the first British person to swim from Spain to Morocco- and then decided to swim back!

2012 –Swam through tiger sharks across the Molokai Straits in 17 hours.

2012 – Swam across the 21 mile Catalina Channel in darkness and through fog.

2013 – Swam across the unpredictable Tsugaru Channel in Japan through dangerous marine life.

2014 – Had a 6ft shark swim underneath him and experienced the protection of dolphins across the Cook Strait in New Zealand.

His experiences on these swims have been life changing, having been chased by sharks swimming with whales, stung by jelly fish and losing the feeling in his spine after 13.5 hours after a Portuguese Man o War attacked him, still having to swim another 3.5 hours in agony to finish his 17 hour swim. Adam has talked to a wide range of audiences not only in the UK, in US, New Zealand and Japan featuring on various TV channels including BBC ‘ One Show’. He is also part of a global skype motivational programme which educates children to follow their dreams. His swims have been for a number of charities including ‘Make a wish foundation’, ‘Sports Aid’ and ‘Whale and Dolphin Conservation’.

You can find out more about Adam at  www.adamwalkeroceans7.co.uk, or on his twitter @adamsoceans7

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